It has been a busy time these past few weeks. I accomplished my first ever craft fair and then tried my first ever craft yard sale. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck at either but I am still happy to have done them! It was great to get the experience and I am super excited to try it once more; just maybe at a better advertised and more popular craft fair.

While preparing for the craft fair I had fun making a few different projects. Today I would like to share one of them with you. These very fun, easy and festive monogram cork gift tags! They come out so cute that you can hang them on your tree and enjoy then for years to come. I also have another use for these that I will be sharing soon!

Not only are these gift tags easy to make they are relatively inexpensive. Everything but the cork circles, ¬†letters and glue (although it is there!) came from Dollar Tree. The cork circles I found at Michael’s for 70% off! 70% OFF! I had no idea what I was going to do with them but I scooped them up since cork is such a fun and popular material to work with! The letters I picked up using a 50% off coupon.

Monogram Cork Gift Tags

DIY Gift Tags


DIY Gift Tags Materials

Cork Circles
Chipboard letter stickers
Christmas Patterned Washi and/or Duct Tape
Twine or Jute
Mini Red Bows
Rhinestone Stickers
Tacky or Hot Glue

Step One: Cover the cork circles with your tape. It works best when the pattern is easily repeatable, like stripes. Although the snowflakes worked out well since the pattern did not continue off the edge of the tape.

DIY Gift Tags S1 DIY Gift Tags S2

Step Two: Trim away excess tape. Choose your letter and stick it on.

DIY Gift Tags S3

Step Three: Stick on the rhinestones (if using) around the outside. I have noticed that they don’t love to stick to the cork so I reinforced mine with a little tacky glue on the first and last stone on the stripe.

DIY Gift Tags S5a DIY Gift Tags S5b

Step Four: Cut whatever string (ribbon could be nice too) you choose to desired length. Fold in half and secure to the back using either hot glue or tacky glue. Hot glue dries a lot faster so if pressed for time I would stick with that. Otherwise tacky glue works just as well! I have used both with no difference to the finished piece.

DIY Gift Tags S5

Step Five: Add a single rhinestone to cover the ends of the string.

Step Six: Secure on a mini red bow if you desire to use one.

DIY Gift Tags S6

Step Seven: After all the glue has dried secure to a gift bag. You’re done!

DIY Gift Tags Finished

Note: A pen will write on the cork, however I would suggest a sharpie marker or pen. It will be darker and easier to read.

See how cute they are on a Christmas tree!

DIY Gift Tags as Ornaments

I love how these turned out! I think the ones with the bows are my favorite. They remind me of old fashion Christmas bulbs.

DIY Gift Tags Pintrest

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For another fun way to use the rhinestones check out these DIY Christmas Ornaments made from tired old Christmas bulbs or glass bulbs found at any craft store.

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Merry Christmas and happy crafting!


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