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DIY Rhinestone Ornaments

DIY Santa's Belt Rhinestone Ornament

Isn’t it awesome! The past couple of weeks I have been preparing for a small craft show at a local community college. (My first one!) I LOVE Christmas as I have stated before so what better things to make and sell than Christmas related item?! I have been having so much fun making these! So much so that I need to find more ornaments to glam up!

I love the simplicity of these and of course the glittery bling! As much as I want to sell out and have a successful table, I also want to hang them all on my tree at home! Depending on how things go, I will know which ornaments still need a good home after the show.

Since you can’t all come to the show and buy the ones I have made, I want to share my simple secrete with you all so you can make your own. Ready………

 Dollar Tree Stick-on Rhinestones

Dollar Tree Rhinestone
(If you can find them that is! I have bought them all in my area… Sorry! Kind of….)

Aside from the rhinestones, I have been using glass ornaments as well as good looking plain matte or glossy ornaments.

The fantastic thing about the rhinestones is that they are already sticky and are stuck together in rows. This is so nice because you do not have to place each stone by hand. Just cut off the amount you need, center and stick!
One word of advice, since they are stuck together you can see the glue strip. Especially at the end where you have cut. I try and tuck the extra under before I stick them on. Good news is that it is only visible up close. When hanging on the tree reflecting the Christmas lights and spreading good cheer to all, you won’t notice it!

DIY Rhinestone Snowflake Ornament DIY Rhinestone Christmas Tree Ornament

I was even fortunate enough to score some really cute heart ornaments for Valentine’s Day to glam up with these rhinestones and a bit of ribbon!

DIY Valentine's Day Rhinestone Heart Ornament

If you try this project I would love to see the results! Feel free to share a link to your creation or send me a picture via my contacts page. I love to see others’ creativity!

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Happy Crafting!

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