Now that you have had some time to contemplate part one it is time for the second part on reaching your Facebook fans. “Get Notifications” and “Add to Interest List…”. Not only are these features good for your fans, they are helpful to your organization of pages too.  Before I start with the tutorial I want to reiterate that these two things are something the fan does. What you can do is share this post with them and hope they decide to participate.

Did you know that there are options under the “like” button on pages? I do not know when Facebook rolled them out but I found them on accident a few days ago. I was researching how to best reach and grow my audience (reference part one for more details). Somewhere in the mix of it all I ran across something about lists. While clicking around on my own page I found the lovely drop-down menu under the like button. I saw two options “Get Notifications” and “Add to Interest List…”. Hey, “List”! I clicked on it and realized that I could organize all my pages into different categories. No more missing posts from anybody- even the ones that you don’t interact with too much or post too often. Oh, how much joy I get out of organizing!

“Get Notifications”

FB NotificationsThis one is very simple. Click on the page’s like button then click on “Get Notifications”. A little check mark will appear. Now anytime the page posts it will be added to all the other notifications you receive.

“Add to Interest List”

This is probably my new favorite feature from Facebook. This allows you to organize all the pages that you have liked into specific categories. Any time you want to see what your favorite restaurants are offering, or what you favorite craft bloggers are up to (*wink wink*) you simple click on a list and they all pop up at once.  No more scrolling to find them among your friend’s and other postings. It is super easy to do!

Go to one of your favorite pages. Click on the “like button” then click on “Add to Interest Lists…”

FB InterestOnce you click on “Add to Interest List…” the below menu should appear. Unless you have done this before you should only see the “+ New List…” option.

FB New List

Click on “+ New List…” and the following window should appear.

FB Create New List

The page that you are on should appear and be selected. If not click on it so the blue box and check mark appear. Click “Next”. Now you should see the follow in your window.

FB Name ListChoose the name of your category and the privacy settings you desire. Then click “Done”.  That should take you to a new screen that looks like this

FB Manage ListsFrom here you can manage your newly created list. You can even share it with your finds!

FB Share ListYou will find your interest lists on the left-hand side of your news feed page, under your name and profile picture once you are back to your news feed.

FB Find Interests

Click the category you desire to see all those pages and enjoy the fruits of your organizational efforts. 

I really enjoy being able to see what my friends have posted on their pages, what’s happening in Michigan and what wonderful ideas are being shared on my favorite craft pages. I feel like I don’t miss any posts now from pages I have liked. Good job Facebook! Whoever thought of these new features at the very least deserves an ice cream cake with their name on it!

Hope this helps you enjoy these features as much as I do!

Happy creating!


But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.
2 Chronicles 15:7


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