Apparently I am a poor weather blogger. It seems as the weather gets nicer my craftiness disappears, or at least my desires to blog about my projects do……

Anyway, I do have a few projects I am ready to roll out. The first one I want to share is a true labor of love. When I went over to a friend’s house I saw a beautiful boxwood wreath hanging on her door. So full and green! I loved it! I needed to have one! I asked her if she bought it or made it. Luckily she had made it which meant I could make one too! In the very same breath, however, she said she would never make another one. Unfortunately it had cost her more time and money they she had ever wanted.
For a while I listened but, I kept looking around my house thinking about how nice it would look in my front room. One day I popped over to the craft section at Meijer and saw their wreath forms were 30% off. I picked one up and took it as a sign. I began looking for some cheap faux boxwood branches. Sadly I wasn’t finding too many options. Not even online. Most were $7 and thin or $20 garlands that looked fuller than they were. I thought I would need a few so I waited patiently for 50% off coupons or a least a decent sale. Finally the garlands went half off at Michaels. I picked up two that day assuming that should be close to enough. I assumed I would find a 50% off coupon and buy the small bushes they had to finish it up.
Well 4 garlands, half a bag of glue sticks and so many hours/ days later I finally finished. I am very happy with the results, don’t get me wrong. It is exactly what I want. However $45 and one month is not what I wanted to spend on a wreath.

So as I share this project with you know that it is fairly costly and VERY time consuming. If you do stick it out and don’t look at the receipts you will have a gorgeous wreath!

Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood Wreath


Styrofoam Wreath 12in
4 boxwood garlands 6ft
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Screw Driver

Step One: Begin to pull off the boxwood bits from the garland. Mine had two different kinds of leaves, ones that were tiny and yellow and the regular boxwood leaves. Separate into two piles. (No need for scissors they should pop right off with a little tug.)

Boxwood Wreath Pieces

Step Two: Decide where you will start on your wreath. I started near the seam. Starting from the middle and working toward the inside of the wreath then to the outside begin by making a small hole in the wreath form using the screw driver.

Boxwood Wreath Step 2a

Step Three: Fill the hole with hot glue. Insert boxwood piece. Repeat.

Boxwood Wreath Step 2b

Boxwood Wreath Detail

Boxwood Wreath Progress

As tedious as it is, I do suggest making the holes and placing the pieces one by one. That way you can fill in gaps as you go. I was paranoid about seeing the white form show though so I made mine very full. I used every last piece of the greenery on all four garlands to finish it.

Boxwood Wreath Finished

To hang, I used a small wooden embroidery hoop I brought at my church rummage sale. I shoved in one of the halves, making grooves in the Styrofoam, took it back out, reinforced it with hot glue and pushed it back in to set. It is the sturdiest hanger I have made. Trust me it needs to be a strong hanger. This wreath has some weight. Unfortunately it was too thick for my door (stupid storm door makes wreath hanging harder than it should be!). Now it lives happily on my wall above my piano. I suppose it is a better spot for it anyway!

Boxwood Wreath Hanger

Boxwoood Wreath Above Piano

If you do make this wreath I would love to hear your experience! Perhaps you will find a cheaper or faster way of making it!

Happy crafting!


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1 Timothy 1:16


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