I am super excited to share with you all my newest project! With just a few materials, a little patience and time you can create a beautiful handmade greeting card for any occasion. Below I have shared the steps and a few tips on how to make these. The possibilities are truly endless. All you need is a template that you have either drawn and cut out or made using a paper cutting tool.

Hand-Stitched Greeting Cards

Hand-Stitched Cards


Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle
Card Stock
Construction or Copy Paper
A Bright Light

Tape not pictured. Note on the eraser: I like to stick my needle in it while I pulled the rest of the thread through.
Tape not pictured. I like to stick my needle in an eraser while I pulled the rest of the thread through.

Step One: Decide what you want your card to look like. Draw out the size of the card and the shape you would like on the  front of it on either copy or construction paper. Then cut out your design and mark an X on the front of the template.

Step Two:  Fold your card stock in half and cut it down to desired sized. Then turn your template over (so the X is facing away from you) and place it on the inside of the front cover. Tape in a few  places to secure or make a tape roll and tape from behind.

Step 1

Step Three: Thread your needle and starting from the back of your card push the needle through near the outside edge of your template. I pull about 4 to 5 feet of thread through. So far I have always had plenty left over.
Tip: It is best to work from either right to left or left to right.

Step 2

Step Four: Holding your card up to a bright light and using the shadow of the pattern, stick your needle back in near the edge of your pattern. This will create your first thread line.

Step 3a

Here the pattern was removed in order to finish the inside. However, holding it up to the light allows you to see where the spaces are and where to push your needle through from the back.
The pattern was removed in order to finish the center of the clover.

Step Five: To start your next line place your needle back through just to the side of your last stitch to the front. Then follow step four. Continue following this step and step four until you have completed your pattern.

Step 3b

Tip: Think of your pattern in lines. For instance the letter E.  If choosing vertical lines, you would be working on each of the arms at the same time by creating gaps in your stitches. The back of the card will show the negative space of your pattern. See the letter B in the second image on the right.
Inside b Inside a

Once you have finished your stitches secure ends with tape. To further protect your work I suggest attaching another piece of card stock on the inside of your card.

St. Patrick's Day Card

Marvel at your beautiful handy work! Anyone who receives this greeting card will feel loved and blessed. Pass on a smile! 😀

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