A handful of weeks ago I posted my crochet pine cones. The pictures costarred a tiny crochet acorn I promised to reveal at a later date. The creation was actually a total accident. I had random scrapes and just started playing with them. After a bit of figuring and tweaking the pattern is finally mastered and ready for its debut!

Crochet Acorn

Crochet Acorns

This pattern uses the magic circle, slip stitch, chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet


F/5-3.75MM Hook
Yarn Needle
2 Colors of Yarn
Fiber Fill
(or other stuffing material)

For this project I used a brown and creme color from the Caron Simply Soft collection, but feel free to play with other colors and yarn types (you may need to adjust your hook size depending on the thickness of yarn).


Step One: Begin by making a magic circle. If you do not wish to use a magic circle then chain 4 and slip stitch into a circle.

Step Two: Chain 3 then begin to double crochet into the ring. Continue until there are 14 stitches, including the chain three (13 more). Slip stitch to join.

Acorn Step 1

Step Three: Chain 3 and then double crochet into each stitch from the previous row for a total of 14 double crochets including the chain three. Slip stitch to join.

Step Four: Chain 1. Single crochet around into each stitch for a total of 14 single crochets including the chain one. Slip stitch to join. Leaving about an 8 inch tail cut from yarn ball and pull tight to secure.

Acorn Step 3

Step Five: Flip the piece inside out.


Begin with step one, move to step two, skip step three then continue and complete step 4 leaving out a long tail. An inch or so is fine. This piece also gets flipped inside out.

Acorn Step 4


Step One: Stuff the bottom with a little bit of fiber fill. Be cation not to over stuff or it will become more noticeable in the final piece. Stuff the ends of the top piece inside itself.

Acorn Step 6b

Step Two: Thread the long tail through the yarn needle. Begin to join the top and bottom piece by simply weaving the yarn through the two pieces.

Acorn Step 7

Step Three: Once the top is sew all the way around sew through the middle of the top pieces and down the other side to create the stem/loop.

Acorn Step 8

Step Four: Sew and secure the rest of the tail in and cut off any extra.

Ta-da! A very cute acorn perfect to hang off a branch for decoration, as a Christmas tree decoration or where ever else you may need a little outdoorsy acorn love. They also look cute clustered with the crochet pine cones!

Acorn Complete

I hope you have enjoyed this crochet acorn project! If you try it let me know how it goes! I am new to crochet and writing patterns and would love your advice or thoughts!

Happy crocheting!

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Revelation 3:20

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