A  couple weeks ago the sound stopped working on my computer. Long story short, in order to fix the problem we wiped my computer and reset it to factory settings. So I had to take off and put back all my files. While doing this  I took the time to reorganize all my pictures. While reorganizing my pictures I came across an older project I saved and photographed with the intent of one day putting it on my own website. Well today is the day! Out of the dusty corners of my picture file and in to the light of the internet!

DIY Starburst Mirror

DIY Starburst Mirror


Plastic Knives
Small Round Mirror
Hot Glue
A Pop Can Tab

Yup! Those are knives! I don’t know about you but any time I buy a variety pack of plasticware, I always end up with a bunch of knives. I was tired of looking at them and dragging them around the house so I decided to turn them into a mirror. Boy is it cute! It is perfect for a bathroom or just a little bright accent in any room! Since you can find most of the materials at the dollar store they are super cheap to make! Here’s how to make one for yourself:

Step One: Pick out some clear plastic knives with nice looking handles. You will need around 18.  Figure out which side of the knife you would like showing and paint that side. You may need a few coats depending on your paint. I used a metallic paint that liked to show streaks. It took a few coats but it ended up looking a little bit like brushed metal! (If you find nice colored plasticware you would just skip this step.)

Painted Knives

Step Two: Once the knives are dry you will want to cut/break off part of the knife’s blade. (See picture below step four)

Step Three: Glue on the knifes. Try to keep even spacing and length exposure. Sometimes a little tape is necessary… especially when your hot glue gun is being temperamental.

Step Four: Bend the pop can top a little then glue it on! This will be your hanging mechanism! (See picture below)

Sunburst Mirror Back

Step Five: Once the glue is dry hang and enjoy!


(Yes, that is the picture that came with the frame… sometimes you just need to set things out before you can commit to owning them!)

 I hope you have liked this project. If  you decide to make some I would love to see how they turn out!

Thanks for dropping by!

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Jeremiah 29:11

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