Good news! So far this blog has helped me to focus my crafting desire. Bad news, now I need something to motivate me to blog more! I have gotten a bit lazy already. Hopefully this two-for-one deal makes up for my recent slacking.

Last week I finally got around to making my Christmas wreath. In a previous blog post I shared all my wreaths and my desire to have a wreath for every season. Ornament wreaths seem to be a hot item this season and when I came across an ornament wreath on Everything Fabulous I knew I had to make one. Click here to see the tutorial I used from their website. Below is how mine turned out.

Ornament Wreath

Made from Christmas bulbs, a bow and a wire hanger. Click the picture for the tutorial.

It took some (ok a lot of) adjusting to get it just right. To make your endeavor a littler easier I would like to share a few things I discovered when making this wreath:

1) You will want around 60 ornaments to make a full wreath.
2) Should you have a storm door in front of your front door you will probably need to create a flat back so it will fit between the two doors. I learned this the hard way when I tried to close my door. 🙁
3) When making a flat-backed wreath you will need around 45 ornaments.
4) You will want about 6 hot glue sticks on hand. Between securing the tops of the ornaments and gluing the ornaments to the hanger (if making a flat back) you will go through quite a bit of hot glue. There is nothing worse than running out of supplies!

To make an ornament wreath with a flat back here is what you will need to do differently:

Step One: After threading on some ornaments turn your form over so the ornaments are touching the ground.

Step Two: Start arranging them so you cannot see your floor between the ornaments. This is where different sizes come it handy. It will not be perfect, you just want to make it as full as possible. Just keep turning and arranging.

Step Three: Continue threading on the ornaments and arranging them.

Step Four: Once you are happy with the arrangement start gluing! I tired to not touch any of the ornaments so I would not misplace them. I heaped on the glue to make sure they were not going anywhere!

Back of Ornament Wreath

Back of Ornament Wreath

Step Five: Once it is dry turn it over and see how it looks. Bells are nice to add for sound as well as filling in any gaps (just glue bells/ ornaments to other ornaments to fill in any obvious gaps). I didn’t go all the way around so I could have space for the bow. My bow is actually tied onto my wreath hanger, not the wreath.

Bonus: Christmas Centerpiece

Last week I also put together a center piece for a Christmas party I am helping to host this weekend. The theme I am going with is natural.  I was inspired by my mom’s tree. I love how it turned out! I wanted a tree like hers in my house, but I love my ornaments too much.  So I thought I would take that inspiration to the holiday party. Now I can have my cake and eat it too!

Christmas Center Piece Christmas Center Piece Christmas Center Piece


For my first centerpiece arrangement I am pleased with the way it turned out! I was lucky to find most of the pieces stored away at my church. I was so inspired by all the decorations! I am just hoping it looks as good on the big round tables as it does on my smaller rectangular table! I hope it inspires you, should you be looking for a nice Christmas centerpiece for your party!

Hope you have enjoyed these bits of Christmas cheer! Thanks for dropping by!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13


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