For this week’s Christmas post (or rather last week’s since there was not one posted, oops!) I want to share how my mom decorated her Christmas tree. She is one one those people who has a new theme every year. She has had everything from a Disney theme to a red and white theme to purple. The trees are always filled with pretty ornaments and wrapped in ribbon or garland. This year she decided to do something a little different, something more simple. She wanted to go with a natural look. She had a vision in her head but it wasn’t until a walk through the mall that she fully saw this vision. There, surrounding the Santa area, stood big beautiful trees wrapped in white lights and covered in snow. After our visit to the mall we immediately headed over to the craft store to gather the supplies. It was a bit late to decorate the tree that night, but the following morning she dragged down the tree from the attic and we got to decorating. It  was so much fun! There were three generations of women and my husband all decorating. Well, at least the three generations were decorating, my husband mostly snapped pictures. He did help by throwing the snowflakes on the tree,though. The result of our efforts was a stunning tree done in very little time and materials.

Snow Covered Christmas Tree

Here’s what we used:

2 Bags of Buffalo Snow
1 Bag of Frost Snowflakes
2 Bags of Pine Cones

*Depending on on the size of your tree you may need more or less. This is a 7 1/2 foot tree and we used 1 1/2 bags of snow, 3/4 of the bag of flakes and both bags of pine cones.*

Step One: Pull of chunks of snow and place on the tree so it looks like snow piles.

Step Two: Place the pine cones.

Step Three: Sprinkle on your flakes. Pretend like it is snowing by making it fall starting at the top.  Then work your way down. Make sure it gets on the pine cones too (you may need to take a pinch or two and throw it on them).

Step Four: Vacuum up and place your tree skit. If you wanted to you could sprinkle the flakes on your skit as well.

Caution: This may be a little messy but I think it is totally worth it! At least the flakes are bigger and vacuum up better than glitter! If you have large dogs or children, however, I would recommend decorating a smaller tree that can be set up high so snowflakes don’t wander throughout the house.

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