Back in September my husband and I decided to complete a Whole30. We started on October 1st. I am happy to say that we made it through the 30 days and the reintroduction phase! It was a test of will power but we succeeded and did not “fall off the wagon”. Reintroduction surprisingly posed its own difficulties and wasn’t any easier (in my head anyway) than the first 30 days. I didn’t know how to add things back in effectively. I had a hard time finding “pure” options. I probably made it more complicated than it was but I didn’t want to undo all of our hard work! If you have completed a Whole30 I would love to know how you did your reintroduction phase. I know this will not be the last Whole30 we complete and would love to know  for next time. Here’s how ours went:

Day 1-4: Dairy
We mainly had hard cheeses and milk. I did make an Alfredo sauce that included cream cheese, Parmesan cheese and milk. We did not try yogurt or butter. It was meant to only be introduced for three days but was extended to four when a friend brought over some really fantastic cheese. I have to say we did go a little crazy with dairy. I think we ended up eating it with every meal, and I know I snacked on some throughout the day.
What we found: nothing much to speak of. I thought for sure our binge on dairy would cause terrible digestive problems but it did not. If anything it had positive effects. We were starting to feel a little edgy by the end of Whole30. While eating dairy we felt better.

Day 5 & 6: Clean

Day 7-9: Non-Gluten Grains
We ate popcorn, rice, corn and rolled oats. We tried to not go as crazy this time around, but we did eat some sort of grain with every meal. I did eat my fair share (and my husbands share) of popcorn. Yes, I love my popcorn and can take down any amount set in front of me. I have a hot air popper and top my popcorn with good EVOO and salt so I never feel too guilty!
What we found: Grains may cause some moodiness in me. Also, an excessive amount of popcorn does cause some bloating and discomfort, isn’t that everyone though?!

Day 10 & 11: Clean

Day 12 & 13: Gluten
We ate homemade pasta. This is where I had a bit of a hard time finding what to eat. I thought about making bread, but what are we going to do with it? Can’t put butter on it. Can’t make a sandwich since we never found compliant deli meat. Can’t  have peanut butter or jelly yet. Every other gluten option seemed to have other impurities. So I tried my hand at homemade pasta. Turned out pretty well! We didn’t eat much of it, just once or twice a day.
What we found: Nothing. If anything, we found that we can cut back on the pasta and be just fine. I love pasta but can say I didn’t miss it. Also, making your own pasta is super easy!

Day 14 & 15: Clean

Day 16 -18: Legumes
We ate canned black beans and re-fried beans. I know, it was canned but I was out of town dog sitting and my husband stayed home. It was the easiest thing to do. I included legumes only once a day.
What we found: Not much to speak of again. I thought this would effect me more. I notice only a little more gas than usual but the body felt good and functioned well.

Day 19 & Beyond: Our Own Experimentation
This is when we started to add back chocolate, refined sugars and other things we typically like to eat. So far the Cheerios cause a little bit of an upset stomach and didn’t taste as good as they use to (they were a little stale though). Again, something I love, didn’t miss and could go without. The molasses cookie I ate baked by the Amish was delicious and had no ill effect. Still waiting to take that first bite of chocolate though!

Overall findings: Non-gluten grains need to be retested. They may cause some moodiness and minor stomach aches. Otherwise, no confirmed sensitivities.

After completing this experience here are 10 things I will continue to do:

1) Make our own mayo.
2) Continue to buy things with small, natural, readable ingredient list.
3) Include more clean meals throughout the week.
4) Cut back on grains.
5) Cut back on sweets. I suppose I don’t need to eat chocolate everyday. :'(
6) Include a variety of veggies in every meal. (You can sneak them into everything!)
7) Combine any leftover meat, veggie, fruit, salad green, mayo, lemon, lime, nut and seed in any way to equal a delicious and quick salad.
8) Continue to educate myself on food and eating well and monitoring what goes into our bodies.
9) Expand our grocery budget and buy higher quality foods. (We have already invested in a meat and veggie CSA that includes farm fresh eggs!)
10) Entertain the idea of another Whole30 so we may have something to compare this Whole30 experience to.

For two great Whole30 compliant recipes check out my first post here! Once I get some good photos I will be sharing two more of my favorite (and super easy) recipes.

Thanks for reading!

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

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